Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ordinary Day

Today was basically just like any other day. I rolled out of bed when Blake left to go to class. A new kindergarten teaching position opened, so I got dressed, grabbed my cover letter and resume, and headed out the door. It didn’t seem so promising when I got there, as the receptionist said people have been coming in all day (it was only 10 a.m. when I got there). Back at my house, I parked myself on the couch, watched a little TLC like I do every day, and surfed the Internet. Oh! One glimpse of excitement that happened today was I got a call for an interview for a nannying position. I’m going tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!!

I wanted to share my first and latest crafty cooking. I made ladybug cupcakes for Blake’s parent’s wedding anniversary. I gave the bugs to them when they came to visit a couple of weeks ago. They’re super cute—if I do say so myself, and not too hard to concoct. Time consuming and messy, but F-U-N! I experimented with the spots (snow caps, mini kisses, M&Ms), but decided the M&Ms worked the best. YUM!

As a fun little gift for Blake's 1st day of med school, I put together a little survival kit for him:



  1. Hi Katie! I saw your introduction over on Lives of Doctors Wives and wanted to say hello! I absolutely LOVE those cupcakes! Come visit me and say hi if you get a chance :)

  2. Those ladybug cupcakes are SO cute! Well done.

  3. Thank you both!

    Ash, your scrapbooking skills are awesome! I have scrapbooked, but I'm not nearly as talented. I saw you went to USF... I went to UCF!

  4. Those cupcakes are fantastic - You've got baking talent!

  5. Awesome about UCF! My friend graduated from there a year ago and is now off to begin her Grad career at Rutgers! UCF is a really cool school and actually just opened their med school. They gave the first set of students a FREE RIDE! Crazy, right?

    Thanks re: scrapbooking! I really enjoy it but don't have time to do it enough. :/

  6. Yes, UCF just opened their med school. 41 students and yes, a free ride for all (tuition, housing...) Lucky ducks!

    and Thanks, Sara Cate!

  7. Hope his first day of med school went well!! What does he want to specialize in?

  8. It went really well, thank you, Kelsey. He's keeping an open mind in what field he wants to specialize in, as he knows he could very well change his mind!

  9. sooo... where are the other 5 beers?


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