Friday, August 27, 2010

27 Weeks

How far along?
Helllloooo third trimester! It's nice to meet you. Back when I was just a newbie in the first tri, I felt like it would take me forever to trek here, but now that we're face-to-face, it feels like we've been friends a long time. Please be nice to me, though. I'd still like to keep my energy up, and if you can keep the swelling to nothing a minimum, we're sure to be BFFs. [kaythanks.]
Total weight gain:

Maternity clothes:
Def shorts and tank tops, but otherwise non-maternity still.

Sleep: And I may be doing it a little too much. Maybe? Lately, I've been waking up early because {one} B has to be up early for class, {two} Indy needs to go out, and {three} Little Miss and I are ready to eat! BUT then... Indy and I will go back to sleep. Just 'til like ten. That's not too bad, riiiight??

Ohh, the heartburn started this week. I thought it wouldn't happen to me, but boy was I wrong. It's not as bad as I've heard it can be, but it's not pretty either. I've also experienced my first case of the Braxton Hicks. You know, those painless uterus contractions? Yeah, them. They're not so bad, but they've got me thinking about the yiiikes!

What I'm looking forward to:
My newest craft project... applique onesies. Already bought the supplies, and you can bet there will be pics. 

seriously, none.

Everything..? When it's time for me to eat there's nothing I really want. It's like pulling teeth trying to decide what to eat. But don't worry, I'm eating.

Best moment this week:
Hanging out with about fifteen of my girlfriends for Girl's Night.

Holy cow this girl's got kicks! Especially first thing in the morning. It's like there's a cheer-fest going on in there, and she's the team captain. She even gets me real good at times that it feels like she's punching me in the va-jay-jay. [TMI?]

pigtails and curls

Belly button:

What I miss:
Going to water parks! Every year I go to at least one, but this year? notsomuch

THIRD TRIMESTER, baby! And knowing that in only ten weeks, Little Girl is considered full-term.

Favorite moments:
Being able to distinguish body parts. Well, just her head for now. Lately her head has been on my right side. It's so neat how both B and I can really feel it. It makes it so much more real, and personal. 
[As if having a human being inside me isn't personal enough, ha!]

*So far I'd say pregnancy is treating me well. This weekend, B and I are planning a date night. I'm really looking forward to that!!
Have a blessed weekend, everyone =) xoxo


  1. you're looking adorable!! as always! ;)

  2. You look so great! As I am reading each description of the stage that you are in right now it just TAKES ME BACK! I remember all of those feelings... and to be honest I was sick for 40 weeks. Like deathly ill.. but they still make me miss pregnancy a lot!!

  3. You look awesome and you sound like you are doing such a great job! I'm super jealous of your weight are totally going to have your babe and be in non-maternity stuff the very next day...lucky! :)

  4. Love the "cheer-fest and she's the team captain" line! haha so descriptive I love it! Yay, for third trimester!

  5. Just came across your blog! You are an absolutely adorable little preggo lady! Congrats! :o)


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