Monday, August 16, 2010

Maternity Madness

Never in my life have I been discriminated against. Until this weekend. I went shopping with my mama and did you know that Bealls (Florida's upgrade of Marshall's), Dillards, and Macy's don't sell maternity?! That's discrimination!

[Okay, so maybe that was a little dramatic, but still!]

I was offended.

The hubs kindly reminded me that maybe there just isn't enough of a demand for maternity clothes. I don't care! They should still sell it.

Personally, I think Express and JCREW should sell maternity. Wouldn't that be perfect? I mean, it would make sense. Twenty & thirty-somethings shop at these stores the most, right? And they'll probably end up having a baby during this time, right? These are two of my favorite stores (in my finance-fantasy world, of course) and why should I have to stop shopping here? Why do you have to send me to Motherhood Maternity. Ick.
See? This is CUTE!
Okay, so I'm not totally hating on maternity stores. I have to give them credit that they've gotten a lot cuter, BUT my problem is that they don't fit me! Pre-preg I was a size zero. Besides my waist line, nothing else has changed ( far). I've gained eleven el-bees and it's all in the bump. But I really needed some maternity tank tops. Mine are just way too short nowadays. So I try one on at Motherhood Maternity and it fits in the belly, but it's huge up top. It's baggy in the shoulders and arm holes. Every.single.shirt. is like this. What's a girl to do?!

And don't even get me started on the price. We're women who are paying hundreds of dollars on baby necessities, and are saving for college funds, we don't have all this extra money laying around. Why should we have to spend more on clothes we're only going to wear for less than nine months? $24.00 for a tank top? I.don' 

Bottom line, I refuse to stop looking cute just because I'm pregnant. I'm no fashionista, but I want to look good! I don't want to be stuck wearing my husband's tees and sweats at six months. 

[I'm saving this hot look for nine months, thank you.]

So ladies, prego, or post-prego, or 'ya know someone who's prego, where can I find cute, petite maternity clothes? And still have money in my wallet?


  1. Yes, yes. I know what you mean by all of this. Honestly, I didn't buy too many maternity items. Not because I didn't get huge, because I did, but because I looked for non maternity items that stretched. i.e. leggings, knit dresses. Have you tried on a jcrew tank top in a size or two bigger?

    From what I remember, Target had some cute things.
    I heard Forever 21 is starting a maternity line. maybe they would have cute things?

  2. advice...DON'T shop maternity at all! It sucks. I'm so with you. Since you're so small as it is you can DEFINITELY get away with not shopping in maternity for a loooong time, if not the ENTIRE time. Although, pants? They are a must in my opinion. Find two good pair of secret belly fit jeans. Then? Buy two or three of the Old Navy maternity/nursing tanks (they dont have the ugly clips on them...they just have tiny little straps that can pop on and off), find them here: (I had one in gray, black and white), I promise you, (haha) I wore one basically EVERY day. Then, I'd wear my cardigans OPEN over them...or I'd buy lots of those NON maternity tops that are open and flowy, or those super cute tops now that just shrug over your shoulders, etc. [Try Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross type stores for cheap ones of these]...
    Trust me! Those tank tops got me through and then I STILL wear them now for nursing (but you can wear them even if you dont choose to nurse)..

    Oh, and I dont know how long you've followed but I did write a post on pregnancy and fashion, comparing non maternity stuff to the UGLY maternity stuff they sell....

  3. I find it necessary to invest in some maternity pants, however, for the rest of the things, I mostly have stretchy or more loose cute non-maternity shirts, or more relaxed flow-y looking dresses that still fit perfectly and will for a long time. I find them at tj-maxx, or old navy. They also have some good mark down sales at times in the motherhood maternity stores if you really need some maternity stuff :-)

  4. So agree! There are very little cute maternity stores and none (almost none) for petite women. Like Marissa, I just bought regular clothes in bigger sizes. Target does have some cute things, but their pant/short sizes are too big as well. They do have cute shirts though! I hope I see you soon! :)

  5. I can offer any advice since I haven't been there, but I would totally shop at XXI for tanks!

  6. Kohl's has cute maternity stuff that's usually pretty cheap


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