Monday, August 30, 2010

Wedding Pictures

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I realized I never formally posted our wedding pictures--only a few teasers. 
Soo... here they are!! Just a few hundred of my favorites...

My two best friends: Maid of Honor, Dana (since preschool) and Bridesmaid, Lauren (sorority sister):

Ironically, these are the shoes I randomly tried on 
with my dress at the store:

Details on my dress. L-O-V-E:

Getting ready for the BIG moment!

My Mama and me... Laughing so we wouldn't cry:

My something old... my grandmother's handkerchief. She always had one in her pocket:

I had a rose laid on each seat to remember our grandparents, who were with us there in spirit:

Blake and his parents:

The cutest little ring bearer you ever did see! Blake's nephew, Lucas:

B's first glimpse of me:

eeek!! Trying not to cry!

Exchanging of the rings:

aaannndd I completely lost it when Blake's grandparents came down the with gifts:

Daddy's brown-eyed-girl:

I love this one. Look at Lucas's face. What a hamm! :)

You may now kiss the bride!!!!!!!!! fiiinnnaalllyyyy

My sister-in-laws and sorority sisters! How cool is that?

Our super amazing family:

Us being us.

love it.

B's favorite:

Our beautiful cake. Y-U-M!

so pweetty...

The wind made my veil look awesome in pictures:

My favorite:

A truly magical day we'll never forget! 

Pictures by: Jovee Photography


  1. I love that last picture! So fun! It looks like it was a beautiful day!

  2. Oh my goodness these photos are beautiful!! You two are beyond adorable together and you looked stunning on the big day! I love your funny pictures towards the end, so cute!

  3. These pictures are so perfect!!! Seriously.
    I love the veil pictures too, gorgeous :)
    And I love that you guys have pictures that are just you guys... it's all fine and dandy to have stunning pictures of the day but then you need a few that really tell your story!

    Oh and that cake! WOW! Beautiful!

  4. They are all gorgeous! It looks like such a beautiful wedding! I'm so glad everything went perfect for you :-)

  5. Wow!! Those are amazing!!! You both look so happy and excited! Beautiful :)

  6. HOW beautiful! I LOVE your dress! Gorgeous pictures :)


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