Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Congratulations to my beautiful sister-in-law, Michelle. Her boyfriend PROPOSED over the weekend! I'm soooo happy for them, and am excited for Michael to be my brother-in-law. 

I would tell the story, but I wouldn't do it justice. Let's just say, they were slow-dancing by the water and it was p.e.r.f.e.c.t. [So them!]

{fun fact}
Michelle is also my sorority sister, and Michael is Blake's fraternity brother. 
How cool is that?!

I wish them all the best blessings--they're going to have such a wonderful life together :)

Love you, M & M! 
Let the fun begin!


  1. Congratulations to them!!! It did look perfect!

  2. WOOOHOOO!! Congratulations!!
    Gorgeous picture, too!! :)

  3. That picture is worth a thousand words! It's beautiful! And how cute that their initials are M&M? (yes, I love chocolate but I still think matching initials are cute)
    Congratulations to the newly-engaged couple!

  4. They look so cute together! Congrats to them!


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