Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Stickies

Things To Do Before Baby

{Now if only I could find the energy to do it all!}


  1. you can do it!!! That's quite a list, but don't stress yourself out about it - especially the meals one. I'm sure you'll have plenty of people more than willing to help out and wanting to bring ya'll some food!

  2. I had so much fun taking pictures yesterday! I can't wait to see how they all turned out! Good luck with the To Do List. I definitely recommend reading and re-reading the manual that came with your camera. I have a couple photo books you could borrow that would help in understanding how photography works. As far as the car seat goes, it's brand new right? It will meet the safety standards. In Idaho, the nurse walked out to the car with us and approved the way the car seat was fastened right before we left. I would bet they do that here too. Just thinking you may not even need to make that trip to the hospital beforehand. Unless of course, the hospital recommended you do that or you just want to to ease the mind.

  3. Marissa, you gotta hook up your email girl lol The hospital told us we have to make an appointment, but worse comes to worse, if I can't get in before the baby comes we'll just do it right before we leave because of course they won't let us leave without doing so.

  4. Cute post! I love the little sticky notes! That is quite the to-do list! You got it though! :)

  5. i tell myself each preg to freeze meals and i ALWAYS FORGET AND KICK MYSELF. so go do it! haha

    i really need to this time around. i'll have 6 other mouths to feed (the babe gets the boob so i'm set there) and i hate take out all the time

  6. I love your organization! You seem to have it all planned out!


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