Friday, November 12, 2010

38 Weeks

Hopefully, this will be my last post...maybe???

How far along?
{yes, that is my substitute wedding band...tear, tear}

Total weight gain:
30 lbs

Not much change in this department. Still able to fall asleep easily, but am waking up probably every couple of hours (or less) to pee and switch sides. Still obsessed with loving my maternity pillow.

My energy has been fluctuating. For the past week I've been cleaning and straightening up, but the last two days I've been sleepy again.

Labor Signs:
I've been having contractions throughout the day, but nothing regular or time-able. Wednesday night I was actually having a lot of contractions for a couple of hours, but they weren't consistent. {Darnit!}
**I've temporarily banned myself from because it drives me crazy seeing people post about having their babies when we share the same due date week. I just want MY little one already!!**

Funniest best moment this week:
At our doctor's appointment on Tuesday, I overheard the nurses talking about me behind me back. They were saying things like, "She's 38 weeks?...Katie?...In that room? What? She's 38 weeks?" B and I were holding in our laughs; then the nurse comes in and says, "You're 38 weeks? I thought I had the wrong chart! You've just started showing! How much weight have you gained? Do you even feel it?!"
{At least she wasn't saying it looked like I was about to have twins!}

What I'm looking forward to:
Having a baby any day now... hopefully!!!!

none... I'm still waiting for that ice cream & pickles craving!

The movement is definitely less noticeable these days since Little Miss is so low. I have to sit down and relax to feel her since the movements are more subtle and softer. However, every once and a while I get a jab to the ribs that startles the heck out of me.


What I miss:
My abs, not gonna lie. Not only just for appearances sake, but for strength, too.

Two weeks {or less, please!} to go!

Favorite moments:
Seeing our little love on the big screen again. Can you believe that we've had six ultrasounds throughout this entire pregnancy??

What's that?! You haven't entered our Baby Pool Game yet?
Thanks to everyone who's already done so. I have so much fun seeing what y'all are guessing!


  1. Oh my gosh you are the cutest!!! Your baby belly!! AH! It's beyond amazing. And I love how you've gained 30 pounds...and I cannot seem to see it on you! Are you sure you're just having 1 baby ;) (just teasing!!)
    I can't wait for you to have the little Miss, either! Who knows what this weekend will bring???
    Although I did guess Nov it would be kinda cool if I was right ;)

  2. 5 more pounds and you"ll have reached my max! come on, you can do it...just 5 more! :)
    Do your contractions hurt? or is it just the tightening?
    Funny story about the nurses.
    sorry this is choppy, trying to hold story and typing with 1 hand. hopefully see you tomorrow.

  3. Oh my goodness Katie, I really think you're belly has dropped a whole lot more since previous weeks! This only means that you are so very close! And you look so cute!
    I totally agree with you when you said that we're like the same person only a few weeks apart :-) Haha.
    Random, but I've been following the pregnancy of a few blogging ladies since pretty much the beginning and we were all in a group as far as our due dates being only a few weeks apart. And now a couple of them have already had their babies, and you are so so close to having yours! This just gets me so excited, 'cause I know I'm just around the corner too :-) Told you it was random.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. We just talked about this, but... You have now been pregnant a day longer than I was. :p Hopefully, you won't make it past two days longer. Why two days? So I can see you tomorrow! :) Belly is cute as ever, as always!

  5. Look at that belly!! So so so sweet :) You look great lovely lady, and she is coming ANY DAY NOW! For real now when we say that!!

  6. Am I suppose to stop using the pregnancy pillow after having the baby?!?!? Oops, I'm still obsessed and can't sleep without it, lol!

    You look adorable1 xoxo

  7. Ahhh, sooo exciting!! :-D Love the story about the nurses talking about you :-) Thinking of you, such an exciting time for you all!


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