Friday, November 19, 2010

Last night, in my midst of only getting two hours of sleep, I wrote Emmalyn's birth story.

In my head. 

I was too tired to start typing it up. Plus, I've been trying to write everything in the baby book's first.

Any way... I can't leave y'all hanging without some info... and PICTURES :)

Here's a few so far...

Last belly pic:

After laboring med-free for 18 hours, I was feeling good after the epi:
Mommy & Baby: 
1st Family Pic: 
 Emmalyn Grace:
 Studying with Daddy at 3:00am:
2 days post-partum:  
 So in love:

Last night was surprisingly okay. Thank goodness my mom is here. She took Emmalyn for two hours so B and I could sleep (he had class at 7:30), then she and I slept on the couch. That won't be happening tonight. Emmalyn didn't like being flat in the playard. She wanted to be held. This morning though, we put her in the bouncer and she slept for an hour and a half before I woke her to nurse. I think we're going to try to put her in there tonight (in the playard) since we think she might just prefer to be elevated some. It's worth a shot, I guess! 

More to come, I promise! :)
There's so much I want to share!! I just don't want it to be such a cluster-muck!

Oh! and P.S. Indy is doing great so far, too! (knock on wood) YAY!


  1. Hmm... sounds like Emmalyn is just like her future hubby. He did not like laying flat either! Also, I have that same nursing tank (even the same color)!

    ^^ Really small details to get excited about, sorry. Hehe.

    She is sooooo precious! :)

  2. She's absolutely beautiful!! :) If her relationship with Ashley's son doesn't work, Trace is available. ;)

    Sleeping in the bouncer is a great idea. Go for it! Sleep is sleep. You both need it!

  3. Those pictures look awesome! Was that your camera going to work? They look great. No flash?

    Anyway, she looks beautiful. Hopefully you"ll get more sleep soon. My first night home with Story was awful. It got much, much better after that.

  4. Congratulations! She's beautiful and you look GREAT :)

  5. Congratulations!! She is beautiful! :)

  6. She is sooooo beautiful, and I LOVE her name! LOVE! Congrats mama! :)

  7. Is it pathetic that I am crying like a baby!!
    Seriously, I am just so happy for you.
    The past year has just been such a crazy, exciting year for you guys and I can't believe that you have a little baby in your arms.
    She is beautiful.
    You look wonderful my friend!! And that first family picture is just perfect :)
    I am so happy for you!!

  8. She is too sweet for words, and you look awesome momma! My little one HATES laying flat on her back as well, but she is coming around. Yours will too. Take as many naps as you can! :)

    Katie you are glowing in your pics - as you should be! I'm so happy for our little family! I'm glad your mom is there to help out, try to get as much rest as possible ;)
    How's Indy dealing?

  10. Oh mommy hood suits you, you are just radiant!! And she is a doll! I'm so happy for you guys!

  11. She is perfect and such a beautiful little girl. You are glowing and I can tell how happy you are! I am so happy to hear Indy is doing well :) I am so happy for both of y'all.

  12. What sweet pics! I'm so happy for you guys!


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