Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What Does.....

2 Trips to the OB-GYN


2 Trips to the ER
(for Momma)


1 exhausted Mommy!

But at least I have this little pretty to keep me going
^^ she's 1 week old today ^^

*I'll explain the ER trips later... typing with one hand is tricky LOL*


  1. Hoping everything is okay! Little Miss sure is adorable :)

  2. Yikes! Katie! I hope everything is straightened out now. I know everyone will tell you to take it easy, but it's so true. Fluids, girlfriend, fluids! (Easier said than done, I know. :)) Little Emmy Lou is so beautiful!

  3. AND! Did you watch Glee last night? How great was the wedding?! Kurt's Dad and Finn's Mom are too cute!

  4. So beautiful! Congratulations!!!

  5. Hope you're done with the ER visits! Take it easy and let others help you out right now, you need to heal while loving on your cute little girl!

  6. No fun! Hope you start feeling better. :) It takes major skills to hold a baby and type with one hand. :)

  7. she is beautiful!!! I hope you are resting up and are feeling better!!!

  8. She is seriously such a cutie! Hope you're doing better...try to just relax, eat lots, and enjoy the holiday tomorrow! :)

  9. Geez lady!! You need to take care of yourself :(
    Is she a thumb suckers?? How stinkin' cute is she?! I love her!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend!

  10. hope you're ok! i've had some complications since giving birth as well.. fingers crossed for both of us! XOXO

  11. Take care of yourself!! Was it migraines that sent you to the ER combined with dehyrdation? Very common. Little miss is soooo GORGEOUS!


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