Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You Know...

...You're Nine Months Pregnant When.... feel like you need a crane just to get out of bed... find new and innovative ways to put on your pants... have to hold on to something to put on your pants...
...your heartburn hurts more than your contractions... shower, put on make up, do your hair, then decide it's time to take a nap... knock your belly into door knobs and kitchen counters... mentally prepare yourself for (and sometimes debate) getting out of bed just to pee... wear the same black yoga shorts because they're oh!so!comfy!... pee your pants when you sneeze, cough, or sometimes laugh... unfold and refold every onesie in the baby's room twenty million times...'re exhausted and you've only been up for an hour... write a post titled You Know You're Nine Months Pregnant When... Because YOU ARE!


  1. Ah, so very true for all of those!
    And oh how I remember those days :) Getting so close though...

  2. What a cute post! I am such a klutz constantly running into things now, I cannot imagine how difficult it will be to not run the belly into everything when I'm pregnant!

  3. Found you over at Tay's blog. Good luck!! I remember those pregnant days :>)

  4. aww hang in there girly! Your big day is soon to arrive :)
    But I was just laughing at the "new and innovative way to put on pants" although I can believe it would be a struggle!

  5. So funny and so true! :) You're so close to the finish line!!

  6. Ahhh, congratulations, congratulations!

  7. adorable. not the peeing when you sneeze part but most of the rest :)


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