Friday, December 17, 2010


Dear Emmalyn Grace,

Oh my gawd! You are ONE MONTH old! I cannot believe it. I don’t even know where to begin or how to form the words I want to say. You are my everything. From the moment I laid eyes on you and held you in my arms, I knew you were mine f.o.r.e.v.e.r. The feeling in my heart in unexplainable. I just want to shout from the rooftops that you’re MY girl and are the most incredible being in the entire world. I don’t even think that would do my feelings for you justice.
The whole last month has gone by way too fast....  

There are many things that happened this FIRST month:
At three days old, you found your thumb and love it. You sometimes like tummy time, but mommy makes you do it any way, which is why you have such strong neck muscles already! You’ve been strolled around the neighborhood numerous times. And while you hate being put in your car seat, once we’re moving you’re a happy little baby. You’ve experienced your first Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. 

On December 1, you went on your first outing with just Mommy. We went to a "Little Nippers" class at the Women's Center for new moms. It was a huge success because you were such a good girl [thank you!]. On the 3rd, we decided to give you a pacifier because you're always trying to suck on your fingers or ours. Sometimes you like it and other times you spit it out. You've had your first playdate already, with Aidan, and he was just smitten with you. You've also had your first tear, but just out of your left eye. You've been a busy little bee, too, running errands with mommy to Walmart, Target, Michael's Crafts, Petco, and Publix. You're such a good little helper :) 

You've only had one really cranky day [knock on wood]. You had your first diaper blow-out and Mommy froze! (ha!) Thank goodness GG was here to help. You had your first 'real' bath and you weren't too pleased. Mommy and Daddy got it on the video camera and we can't wait to show it to you one day. Your second and third baths went much better! You didn't even cry until it was time to get dressed. We think you're going to be a water baby. [Not like you have a choice because Mimo and Papo can't wait to take you out on their boat and teach you how to water ski.] 

Mommy and Daddy have been waking you up at night to feed, but since the doctor was pleased with your weight gain, she said we didn't have to wake you up anymore. So, Tuesday, (Dec. 14) night, you felt asleep at 11pm and Mommy ended up waking you at 5:30am to eat, then you went back down until 8:30am! You love sleeping in your sleep-rocker and mommy loves that you're right next to her. Noises don't seem to disturb you--especially your furbrother's barks. [thank goodness!] I don't know how long you'll stay in our bedroom, but for now it works for everyone.

We're so happy you are so low-maintenance [I wonder how long that'll last! hehe] In the mornings, you listen to Mommy sing her two 'Good Morning' songs (off-key of course) and when you're fussy, you love Daddy's 'Curious Baby' song he made up. I love just watching you watch me. And when you smile? Oh, how my heart melts. And when you stick out your bottom lip when you're upset? Heart.melts.even.more. Mommy calls you "Sour Puss" when you do it. [Oh, but it's so cute]

Emmalyn, I can't tell you how much you mean to me. You have been my strength through these hard times. I love you so much it hurts.
With all my heart and soul...
Forever your Mommy,
I love you...

Birth Weight:
6lbs 14 oz.
Current Weight:
7lbs 8oz
Birth Length:
20 inches
Current Length:
20.5 inches

A look back at the FIRST MONTH:

I love her.


  1. She is so beautiful my friend!
    So very sweet :)
    Thinking of you! xo

  2. oh gorgeous...i totally know whar you mean by loving her so much it hurts!amen to that!

  3. aww Katie she is so beautiful! I love that you wrote her a letter - and I'm sure she will love it one day as well!

  4. Aw, such a sweet post for a sweet baby!

  5. She's a doll! Congrats on making it through the first month. :)

  6. awwh so sweet! what a good baby and great sleeper you've got!!!! i'm jealous!!!!

  7. What a SWEET post!! So happy to read that your first month with the precious baby is going so well! Hugs sent to you from MN! :-D

  8. Beautiful post, Mama! My daughter is fourteen weeks and she is still a good baby. I keep knocking on wood myself! I love these posts to baby - they are my favorite. So precious and what a gift you will have for her one day! My Mom wrote letters to me and she has since passed away. I treasure them now.

  9. I can't believe it's already been one month! This is such a sweet post... She's such a cutie!

  10. Happy 1 month, Emmy! :) Love the pic in her 'month' shirt! Looking forward to every monthly letter! <3


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