Wednesday, December 7, 2011

PPD: Journal Entry #3

Written on January 10, 2011 while being hospitalized for Postpartum Depression:

A woman told me I look much better today. It feels good that people can notice. I'm definitely feeling better than I was yesterday. Yesterday was so scary. I met with my doctor today. Basically, she told me this is going to pass, but in the meantime I'm going to up the dosage on my medication. If the medicine seems to be working, then I'll probably only be here two more days. If I'm not liking the medication then the doctor will change the meds, but it should prolong my stay.

I'm just trying to stay positive, which is pretty hard when you're surrounded by depressed people. This morning was a little hard to get moving, but after getting dressed after breakfast, I was craving activity. Fortunately we were able to go to the gymnasium. And guess what? I played 3 on 3 basketball. B would be proud, and possibly a little jealous he missed it. Especially since he's always trying to get me to play with him! I can't wait to tell him.

The therapy here kind of sucks. Well, I've only been to one [group] session, but it wasn't helpful. I'm here because of a hormonal issue--not abuse of any sorts. I just couldn't really relate. Plus, I really would like to talk with someone about how to cope with the anxiety. And obviously, most importantly is to prevent the harmful thoughts. But I believe that will come with time... and meds.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Here are a few teasers from  
Emmalyn's Enchanted First Birthday Party
Let's just say it was magical.

Photos taken by my cousin Steve, and friend Marissa.
More to Come!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


On November 17, 2010 at 3:39pm, my world changed forever. God brought our daughter, Emmalyn Grace, safely into our lives. I knew nothing would ever be quite the same, but I don't think anyone could prepare me for what lay ahead in my first year of being a mother. 

Having a child is the greatest life lesson you can receive. These tiny little beings, with ten bitty toes, and rosy cheeks, are the most important and influential teachers one can ever have. My once six pounds & 14 ounces little love, taught me so much about myself. Unbeknown to her, she has been my light, my angel. At 23 years-old, when I had Emmalyn, I thought I knew precisely what I was going to be like as a mother. I was strong and confident with my visions and opinions. 

Flash-forward one year... Ha! Silly Me

Things like cloth diapering, breastfeeding, forbidding Walmart, etcetera--all flew out the door like folks on Black Friday. What I've come to realize is that motherhood is SO unpredictable. No matter how many baby books you read, or people you talk to, there's always going to be something to throw you off course. For me, it was the dreaded "P" word: Postpartum Depression. Although it ended up being a blessing in disguise, it was the worst time in my life. But it taught me so much. About myself, about being a mother. 

Having to be hospitalized for a week forced me to let go of my need for control. It taught me how to be more laid-back as a person, and that taking an infant to Walmart really isn't as bad as you think. (There's a lot worse.) I've heard mothers say numerous times. "I can't even remember what life was like before baby." I can. While I really miss some certain aspects of my non-maternal life, I am a much better person now. You would think that having a baby would make me even more controlling and up-tight, but through everything my PPD experience taught me, I am living a mentally healthier and more relaxed life. I made a new mom-friend last week, and she was kind enough to come over to help me make chocolate-covered pretzels for Emmy's party this weekend. As we were talking and making a mess, she mentioned how nice it was that I wasn't such a perfectionist about the appearance of the pretzels. I thought, Oh--if you only knew me before... Even one of my best friends has told me how proud she is of me for not sweating the small stuff. It makes me feel proud, too; to hear those compliments from someone who has known me for years, as well as someone who has come into my life only recently.

The first three months of Emmalyn's life crept by so slowly for me. I kept thinking, When is this going to get better? This is so much harder than I ever thought it would be! And now, time is moving quickly. The proof is in the pictures, my friend. My baby girl is ONE--even though she gets mistaken for a six month-old. { It must run in the family, 'cuz her momma got mistaken for a high school student last night ;p } My selfless husband, parents, in-laws, family, and dearest friends, have supported me through this tumultuous year. I don't think I could have made it without them. Scratch that--I KNOW I couldn't have made it without them. But I wouldn't be who I am today, if it weren't for one extraordinary being... my daughter, Emmalyn Grace. She has been my number one motivation. I have been touched by an angel....

There's so much I want to say to so many people. & to most of you, I have. But I especially don't want to leave out my blogger buddies. I can't thank you all enough for your encouraging words. Not one single message goes unappreciated. There are many of you who have made such an impact on my life, which I will never forget. 

Thank you.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PPD: A letter to Emmalyn

A letter I wrote to my daughter, Emmalyn, while being hospitalized for postpartum depression, January 2011:

To My Sweet Angel Baby, Emmalyn Grace,

I hope you know how much I love you. You are my world. I also hope you know this is not your fault. I've never blamed you for this, nor will I ever. You are the most precious gift I've ever received. I thank God every day for you. You are the most incredible baby in the entire world. When I hold you and stare into your eyes, I'm at peace. 

I want you to know you're my motivation for getting better. I've waited and prayed for you my entire life. It's tearing me up inside to be away from you. You're the first thing I think about in the morning, and the last before I fall asleep. I pray to God to give me the strength to conquer this so you can be in my arms again. I'm going to be strong for you because I'd do anything for you. Always! I promise. 

I'm so thankful you'll never remember all this. & one day, if you read this when you're older, remember how much I love you.

You are my world,
& my life,
Forever your mommy 

To read from the beginning, click here 

Monday, November 7, 2011

1st Birthday Sneak Peak

i cannot begin to tell you how excited {& nervous!} i am about emmalyn's first birthday.

i am having so much fun planning & crafting her big shindig on november 19.

i use to make whispered remarks about moms going "all-out" for their child's first birthday--something he or she won't ever remember. but now that i'm a mom...? i get it.
obviously, i realize it is more of a celebration for the parents; a way to announce--hey look! we made it! go us!

& i have been told by a number of mommies not to listen to what anyone else has to say about it... if i want to go all out, then that's exactly what i'm going to do! she only turns one once!
as promised, here's a little look into what i have in store for my one year-old to-be:
^indy was in the shot so i asked him to sit, and this is what i caught ;)

it's going to be held in our backyard:

did i mention how excited i am?!?!!!
 eek!! i can't contain myself :) :)

{p.s. sorry for the iphone pics}

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Quick post because I'm busy doing All Things First Birthday (16 days--eek!!!), but just wanted to share Emmalyn's 1st Halloween costume!

She was a little lamb... "Emma-Lamb."
Get it?
bwahaha I crack myself up ;)

I made her costume

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!

{Next up.... First Birthday Party Previews}

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

Florida was on a huge thunderstorm and tornado alert yesterday, which had us cooped up inside all day. If you're a seasoned Mama, you know how stir crazy it can make you--especially with a sickly little one. If you read Emmy's 11th Month post, you'd know that she's been feeling particularly under the weather. Since last Wednesday to be exact. {hence the reason there was no 'formal' sticky-belly pic}& she's been running a fever on and off all weekend. As a mother, it's so hard to see my little love in such discomfort. 

We've just been bumming it around these parts lately; & if there's anything to like about my baby being sick, it's the extra snuggles and "ma-ma"'s. But honestly, none of that even matters when your baby is running a 105 degree fever. 


You read that right. One. Oh. Five. 

Yesterday, I knew my baby bird didn't feel well at all when she wasn't standing (or even sitting) up at her crib when I went to get her from her nap. She was crying and crying, and wouldn't stop even after I picked her up. When I saw those three numbers on the thermometer screen, my heart immediately dropped to my stomach. & panic settled in. Wanting to make sure I had an accurate reading, I took it again. Same number.

I could barely finish changing her diaper, as I turned my head away from my very miserable daughter and lost it cried. It was one of those cries where no sound comes out because you don't want anyone to hear you. I felt like my heart was about to burst out of my chest, it was beating so hard. Immediately I called Blake, who was working at the hospital (3rd year med school rotations). I collected myself enough to call the pediatrician's office, where the nurse told me, "You need to take her to the emergency room." I could barely let out an, "Okay," before hanging up and crying hysterically. It was no surprise to me. I mean, I knew that's what she was going to say; but thinking about it, and actually hearing those words are two completely different emotions.

Everyone always says that you're going to go through something like this as a mother at some point, but Geeze Louise! No one ever said how mystifying it is. By this point, I'm running around like a crazy person, throwing things into a bag. Bottles, formula, clothes... I, myself, was wearing leggings, a long-sleeve shirt, house shoes, tattered hair thrown up into a poor excuse for even a messy bun, and a very red & blotchy complexion.

When we got to the hospital, we went straight to the clinic, where B knows the residents. This way, if we had to be admitted, we could by-pass all the waiting. Her temperature was 101.8 by that time, which calmed my nerves just a bit. We were beginning to think the thermometer might have been slightly inaccurate? Any who, my sweet baby girl was still crying, but who could blame her? On top of already feeling so shitty, she's being poked and prodded by strangers.

We basically had a couple of choices: 1. Go home with tylenol and motrin, and if she wasn't getting any better, take her to after hours pediatrics. Or, 2. Take her to the ER.

Since we were already at the hospital, we figured we might as well take her downstairs to the ER. Thank goodness the resident called ahead for us. We were seen right away. It was so heartbreaking to see Emmalyn screaming when she was whisked away by nurses who stripped her down to take her temperature. It's something I hope I never have to see again.

We didn't have to wait too long to be seen by the ER doc. She was very kind and sympathetic to us, which I really appreciated. After a while, you could tell the motrin had kicked in because Emmy started waving and clapping her hands. It was almost as if she were saying, "Great job, Mom & Dad! You passed the emergency test. Way to go!"

I just rested my head against the wall and sighed in relief. 

Walking to the car, I was surprised to see it still hadn't started storming yet. Reports had said it would be storming by 3pm, with tornado watches. It was 6pm. When we got home, Emmy enjoyed her evening bath, bottle, and story-time. (As much as a little girl can when under the weather.) 

While rocking her in my arms before laying her down for bed, I prayed to God once more, for watching over and protecting my little angel. I thanked Him for keeping us out of the storm's way. & I kid you not, the song that was playing right then and there on the Easy Listening TV music station in the other room was "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow."

I thought to myself, Yes. Yes it will.

& you know what? It was 81 and sunny today. & my baby girl is on her way to feeling better. Slowwwllly, but surely.

I love ya, Tomorrow. You're always a day away...

Monday, October 17, 2011

11 Months!

Emmalyn Grace
you are
11 Months Old!

The fun never stops with you, little love. This month, you got to meet a lot more great aunts, uncles, and cousins. We're so grateful they were able to travel south for your Auntie Shell's wedding. We were also so thankful for you to be a Flower Girl in the wedding. Mommy and Daddy didn't have high expectations for your behavior during the ceremony since infants are so unpredictable, but Emmy Grace--you were an angel! Daddy carried you down the aisle alongside cousins Lucas and Rebecca, and you sat on your GG's lap and didn't make a peep the entire ceremony!! 

Seeing you in the beautiful dress simply melted our hearts.

The Florida Sunshine is still here, but it has cooled down enough to play outside in the middle of the day. Recently, we've been taking you on stroller walks to the park one neighborhood over, where you love to swing. 

One thing mommy does not like about this month is now you try and stand up in the shopping carts. Never mind the fact that you are strapped in to your cart-cover, which is strapped in to the cart seat. You scoop those pudgy legs into your chest & push yourself up. & you are quite persistent, my dear! It's made a few shopping trips extra challenging, to say the least.

This month unfortunately brought you a notsofun stomach virus & major diaper rash. You were miserable, and mommy was very sad for you. But! I must say, I'm proud we made it almost a year without you getting anything more than the sniffles. You've soaked up a lot of Mommy TLC the last few days! Since you were sick, you missed your cousin Lucas's 3rd birthday party :( 

Mommy took you to the doctor and you weigh 17.8 lbs! Who needs to go to the gym when they have you to carry around all day?!
Can you believe that you still don't have any teeth? You have gotten so much stronger at standing on your own. You don't even hold on to anything anymore to do so.

You can say... mama, dada, thank you, water, boo, duck, peak-a-boo, wow, whoa, hi, bye-bye; & can sign for "milk" & "more."

I'm so proud of all your accomplishments, and am looking forward to celebrating your first birthday with our many friends and family!!

I love you so much angel baby!
Forever Your Mommy....

Saturday, October 15, 2011

PPD: Journal #2

An entry from my journal while being hospitalized for postpartum depression:

I want to get better so bad. I just want to feel like myself again. I want to be able to joke, play, be social... I'm scared I'm never going to get there. I have heard, as well as read, numerous times that this is not forever. And while I believe it's true, I also don't at the same time. But I have to keep believing and staying strong.

I have to remember the good in life. I've been so blessed--I can and WILL get through this.

I finally received my bag of clothes that my parents dropped off. Unfortunately, visiting hours are only on Tuesdays and Saturdays so I wasn't able to see them. I had to wait about an hour for someone to take inventory on my belongings. It was strange watching this happen. A girl took each item out, unfolded it and examined it. She even had to cut the string out of my pajama pants. My toiletries have been locked up and I must ask to use them. This is so surreal.


To read from the beginning, click here

Sunday, October 2, 2011

PPD: 1/9/11

My journal entry the first day of being hospitalized:

This is the hardest thing I've ever had to go through. I am scared. I'm dumbfounded. This isn't me.

I have postpartum depression. At four o'clock this morning I was admitted to the hospital. I can't believe this is happening to me. I don't belong here. I'm not like these other people. Only, I sort of am...

I'm here because I was having suicidal thoughts and thoughts of harming my baby. Oh, my dear precious baby, Emmalyn. Only 7 1/2 weeks old. I love her so much--my heart just can't contain itself. I'm doing this for her. I want to get better for her.

This whole thing is just so surreal. I never, ever, in a million years thought this would happen to me.

I feel so alone. This place is worse than I imagined. It's like how you see it in the movies. There are people in gowns and socks, roaming the hallways in the middle of the night because they can't sleep. Some even look like zombies.

I met a girl named Kaite. It's her real name, too, like me--and she's also 24. She welcomed me this morning with a cheerful smile. She kept me company while I ate decent scrambled eggs and almost stale toast. She shared with me that she's bipolar and has been here three times now. A former cheerleader, she was very talkative and comforting. It's just hard to differentiate if she's more like me, or "crazy." I guess I shouldn't be quick to assume either way. A part of me wants to open up to her, but for now I have my guard up.

This place is depressing. How ironic is that? All there is to do is watch TV, read, journal, sleep... I need movement and activity. Don't even get me started on the rooms. Fortunately I have my own room at the moment, but I haven't decided if it makes up for the fact that the matresses are about 6 inches thick and the pillows are paper thin.

After all of my paperwork was completed, I was finally able to go to sleep. I had been up for 23 hours.

I thought I'd fall right asleep, but I was scared. I was afraid someone was going to wander into my room in the middle of the night. I just prayed to God to give me the strength, then I cried myself to sleep.


I have mixed emotions about the latter. Sometimes when I re-read my journal entries I feel tense and sad--to put it simply. & other times I feel proud and accomplished. Looking back, it amazes me how I could ever have felt the way I did, as well as go through all that I did... but it also amazes me how far I have come in less than a year.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

10 Months

10 Months Old!

Emmalyn Grace,

You are 10 months old! That's two months shy of your very first birthday. Sheesh! So soon! I know I said last month was a big month of "firsts" but lady, this month blew last month out of the park! 
{I have a feeling I'm going to be saying that for a while to come...}

This past month, you worked your cute little baby tush off at swim lessons. Your pediatrician encouraged me to sign you up at six months, but mommy was just not quite ready! But by 9 months & another nudge from the doc we signed you up. Mommy and Daddy were super amazed by your "swimming abilities." You never screamed through your lessons {unlike ehem yours truly as a baby} but you did let out a whiny-cry to let us know you weren't too happy ;) But by the end of your lessons, you were flipping over from your tummy to your back. A HUGE thanks to your fabulous teacher, Brym!! 

FINALLY, you said "mama"!! The first time you said it, you were crying in the car, but it was music to my ears! Some other words you started saying recently are "bye-bye," "hi," "thank you," & "wow." You're waving "hi" & "bye," and can clap your hands. There's just something so stinkin' cute about a baby clapping its hands, am I right?! You can sign "more" without being prompted now, as well as the sign for "milk." It amazes me how you can do this, and how much of a difference it makes communicating with you. & Just the other day, mommy taught you to find your nose. You're such a little smarty-pants. 
Ooooh! I can't forget that you're standing now, too. I've yet to be able to capture it on camera, though.
Speaking of cameras, Mommy's been slacking in the photo-department, but I blame it on the fact that we've just been having too much fun to stop and take pictures!

A couple of weeks ago, mommy & daddy took you to The Science Center along with Auntie Re, Uncle Will, & Lucas. We weren't entirely sure how you were going to react, but you loved it! You played with whatever you could get your hands on, missy! & we were so proud when you sat through a 40-minute movie about animals in the Cinedome. Never mind that you leaked through your diaper and daddy had to change you in the corner at the top of the stairs ;) It didn't phase you a bit. You stared at the screen in wonder and amazement. 

I'd say one of the greatest things about you is that you have the best personality! No matter where we go, or what we're doing, someone will always comment on how well-behaved & happy you are. Your smile is contagious, for sure, and you're such a joy to be around. I wouldn't trade any second of my time with you for anything else in the world!!

I love you so much EmmyCakes!!

Forever Your Mommy...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Driving in the Dark

Since I've had a chronic case of The Writer's Block for several weeks now, I thought I would share this inspirational story with you. One that I discovered during my {postpartum depression} partial-hospitalization program:

Driving in the Dark
-Joe Stowell

I've always thought that I could get through just about anything if the Lord would tell me what the outcome would be. I believe that "all things work together for good" in the end (Rom. 8:28), but I'd do a lot better in dark times if I knew exactly what the "good" would look like.

But God usually doesn't show us where He is taking us. He just asks us to trust Him. It's like driving a car at night. Our headlights never shine all the way to our destination; they illuminate only about 160 feet ahead. But that doesn't deter us from moving forward. We trust our headlights. All we really need is enough light to keep moving forward.

God's Word is like headlights in dark times. It is full of promises we need to keep us from driving our lives into the ditch of bitterness and despair. His Word promises that He will never leave us nor forsake us (Heb. 13:4). His Word assures us that He knows the plans He has for us, plans for wholeness and not for evil, to give us "a future and a hope" (Jer. 29:11). And He tells us that our trials are there to make us better, not bitter (James 1:2-4).

So the next time you feel as if you're driving in the dark, remember to trust your headlights--God's Word will light your way.

The Word of God provides the light 
We need to see the way:
It shows us what we need to know
So we won't go astray. --Sper



Monday, August 22, 2011

Better Late Than Never

*Originally written on May 17, 2011:

There has been a momentous amount of changes around here lately. One, being our move back home into a (rental) house for our new family of three (4, counting Indy). Between taking care of Emmy and setting up the new house as much as possible before B joins me for good, I hadn't given much though about the house we were leaving behind. That was until B told me last night that everything was completely moved out. Every last bit of it.

And then, it hit me like a brick. I didn't know I was going to become so emotional about it. I guess I was too distracted by the excitement and commotion of living close to both sets of Emmy's grandparents. And it seems a little silly that it would all the sudden "hit" me, when two weeks ago, my dad and in-laws helped me pack the rest of my and Emmy's belongings into a U-haul. But I think, somewhere in my mind, I thought I was still going to have time to spend one more weekend there. Two weeks ago, I was the last one out of the house to lock up, and I had this very nostalgic, drama-movie-like moment where I stared down a bare hallway, bag in one hand, keys in the other; and revisited, in my mind, every memory made in this house.

This was the home Blake and I spent during our engagement. This was the home we spent as a newly married couple. This was the home we found out we were having a baby. This was the home we brought our little girl home from the hospital. This was the home my husband laid down his head every night I was away from him, recovering from postpartum depression.

I never thought I could get so emotional over a temporary home.

But I also never imagined I would meet so many people who would touch my life forever.

Last night, as I began thinking about all the people I will be moving away from, so too, began the waterworks.

First of all, our next-door neighbor, Becky... A sassy & stylish seventy-something-year-old, with a fun sense of humor and contagious laugh, became a true friend. She was there for me at nine o'clock one December night when I walked through the bushes--barefoot & in shorts; with Emmy tightly tucked in the Moby, as I was having a panic attack while no one was home. And in the crucial days leading up to my rock bottom days, she would babysit keep me company while B was at school.

And then there are my friends. My medschoolwifeclub friends. I don’t think I could have made it through B’s first two years of med school without these ladies. No one understands what it’s like to be married to a spouse in med school, unless you are one. We’ve laughed, cried, vented, and supported one another through numerous tribulations. We’ve babysat one another’s littles, swapped recipes, peer-pressured some to start a blog, & taught each other how to sew. These wives have taught me so much... like how to play Phase 10. I will miss the nights we planned to watch American Idol, but instead laughed until we cried and/or peed a little.

We’ve been through engagements, weddings, two births, & another on the way. Life-altering moments, yo! These girls sent me e-mails and voicemails, and prayers while I was in the hospital. And when I got better, I crashed their game night via Skype. There will never be the right words to thanks these outstanding friends, or describe just how much they mean to me. But I love them. So much! & as cliché as it sounds—but it’s the truth—I know we’ll be friends forever.

I mean, there will always be social networking, right? So I’ll always be able to stalk keep in touch with them forever & ever, right...???

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

9 Months!

Emmalyn Grace
you are
9 Months Old!

STATS @ 9-month check-up
Weight: 16lbs 10oz
Height: 27 inches


To My Sweet Angel Baby,

I thank God for blessing me with such a happy and laid-back baby. You only ever cry when you’re hungry or tired. You’re such a delight to take on outings, especially restaurants since you have such a relaxed disposition. I’m always impressed by how well you sit at the table in your highchair like a Big Girl and join in on the conversation. Even when we go to Daddy’s basketball league games, you patiently sit in your car seat, intently watching every little thing going on—all the while smiling at the people in the bleachers.

Your GG still enjoys watching you every Wednesday while Mommy & Daddy go to Yoga. I think ‘enjoy’ is actually an understatement... I can never tell who’s face lights up first: hers or yours? Now on Thursday mornings, your Mimo watches you while Mommy teaches dance to three & four year-olds. I can’t wait to sign you up for your first dance class. We’ll be drowning in tu-tu’s and bows at our house when the time comes, but it’ll be a blast!

I must say--you’ve been exceedingly sociable this month, little one. You met a couple of Mommy’s sorority sisters, family-friends Liz & Maya from up north, and spent the day with your Aunt Dana while she was in town from NYC. She taught Mommy how to work with you on your baby signing. 

You weren’t particularlly all that interested in veggies these past few weeks, but it seems to be picking back up. You’re totally in love with oatmeal and every kind of fruit you’ve tried thus far. Chicken has been a huge hit this month, too! You understand how to feed yourself puffs, yogurt melts, and bits of food, but sometimes the hand doesn’t talk to the mouth and your hand forgets to let go of the food. But girl, you’ve got determination!
You are now pulling yourself up in the “corral.” & Mommy was very astonished to find you standing up in your crib one morning. I couldn’t believe my eyes! This new talent of yours led to Daddy lowering your crib all the way.
Emmy, you were invited to your first 1st birthday party! Your friend Eliana turned one and we were there to help celebrate. The party was held at an indoor play area & you had the time of your life, never once hesitating to join in on all the excitement.
This past weekend, we went to the west coast to surprise our Med School friends Aric, Ashley, & Aidan before they move back to Colorado. Josh & Rachel let us have a slumber party at their house, making it the first time you stayed over at a non-family member’s house. As a mother, I never know how you’re going to react to a change in the environment, but Girlfriend, you amaze me. We were in the car the majority of the day on Friday, missing your nice afternoon nap—but you hung in there until after 9pm... just carrying on with Mommy and Daddy’s friends over dinner. After bath time, you were in Dreamland until 7 o'clock the next morning.
This surprise also included your first trip to a Splash Pad. Seriously, you could not have been any cuter, missy. You marveled in amazement at the “big” kids, running past you. An upside-down pail and shovel were all you needed to complement you in the Florida sunshine. Water was soaring through the air every which-way, leaving freckles of water all over your pudgy little legs and chubby cheeks. But you didn’t mind one bit! In fact, you sucked the refreshing water all the way to your marrow, sharing your gummy smile with everyone who passed by. Speaking of gummy smiles... you are still toothless. The Tooth Fairy must be saving up a fortune for you, with the way she’s making you mommy wait!
If being at the splash pad wasn’t enough fun for a little one, we joined up with a bunch of 3rd-year Med school students and their wives & children for a Going-Away BBQ. After a well-rested nap, you were ready for round two! Again, you were fascinated with watching your girl friend Story, and future hubby Aidan, splashing all over. You didn’t even mind when they tried pouring water on your head!
I think the most memorable moment for Mommy this last month was watching you interact with Story and Aidan. Let me rephrase that.... watching us moms try to snap pictures of you three littles, calling out, “Story kiss Aidan!” & “Aidan kiss Emmy!” It was a riot, I tell ‘ya! But goodness gracious, you were so happy; crawling on the pool pavement, chasing after the two big littles. Mommy’s heart was filled with so much warmth.
This month, you started making the best face ever! The Surprise Face. AKA The Infamous Emmy Face. We don’t know where it came from, but you are constantly making people laugh and bringing joy to anyone who encounters The Face. I get asked at least once a day by someone if you always make “that face.” The answer is: Yes. {& it never gets old}
Emmalyn Grace, I pray you always stay as genuine as you are right now. 
You make my days brighter and your GG a fighter.

I love you, EmmyCakes!
Forever Your Mommy...

Your favorite toy is Flopsy, given to you by family-friends from England.
Your face lights up and breaks out into a huge smile every time you see her.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Video: A Little Pick-Me-Up!

Need a little laugh? Emmy wants to cheer you up!

Thanks for the compliments on yesterday's pics.

To answer your question, Yes! I did the hair myself.
{the first photo was my friend Lauren's hair & the second was mine}
I visited the land of Pinterest [follow me!], and have officially moved there indefinitely.
Here's the link I learned from.



Monday, August 8, 2011

Dump of the Photos.

Lately, there has been so much going on that I've found it hard to slip away into my Mom Cave and blog. I've been reassessing certain aspects of my life; and I'll soon share, but for now, here's a plethora of iPhone photos to fill your cute-baby-fix....



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