Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blogger's Block

Since all of this postpartum "stuff" has been going on, my ideas for posts have mysteriously flown out the window. I seriously am having blogger's block. I want to get back to blogging... because let's face it--it's fun, therapeutic, and I love it!

So.... that's where y'all come in.
I need your help... Ask me a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.
Whatever your little heart desires... and however much you want.
Get creative, mmkay?

And because no one can resist smiling at a cute baby...



  1. Ahhh! She's so cute! Good to see you back on here! How's everything going lately?

  2. Oh my goodness your little girl is just too cute!
    hmm and I've done some thinking on a question and my mind has been somewhat shut off so it's nothing all that creative -
    What is your guilty pleasure?
    Do you read any magazines on a monthly basis - if so, which ones?

  3. Glad you're coming back!!! I'd love to know what your current favs (and not so favorite) baby items are!! :)

  4. hey,
    I'm glad to see u back!
    I'm really curious about Brittany's questions.
    Is there anything that you absolutely could not live without?
    How about for yourself? Is it hard being away from BJ?
    Love you!


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