Friday, March 11, 2011

BCF: best cuzzies forever

one wonderful thing about staying with my parents during my recovery, is i get to see my nephew more often. lucas is almost 2 1/2 and is seriously such a ham! he always brightens my day.

back in december, lucas met his new cousin for the first time. he wasn't quite sure what to think about her. 
their relationship went from this:
{what the heck are you?}

to this...

ahhh... they melt my heart.
lucas is holding his play camera because he wanted to take pictures of emmy and him, too. he is seriously so sweet with her. he wants to touch her bald head, & give emmy her blanket. & he always gives her kisses!


Have a happy weekend!!
My man's coming in town today and we're going rental house shopping! wahoo! can't wait!



  1. Too cute! She's getting so big! :)

  2. omg that picture is so sweet!

    Good luck on the house search!!!

  3. Hey Katie...good to see you're doing well! I've been thinking about you! :)

    And, of course, an adorable pictures of the kiddies!

  4. aww... so sweet! She is seriously getting so big and cute! Our girls are growing so fast! I'm so glad that you're posting more and that you're doing better :-)

  5. aww :) good luck with the house hunt!

  6. Great pics! Have I told you how excited I am to see you this weekend?! I AM! :D

  7. That picture is adorable! I love it :)
    I am glad that you are getting such great times together with your family. That's so good for both you and Miss Emmy! I can't believe how big she is getting?!


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