Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not Just Another Whitney Post

Like many others, I was stunned and sadden to hear about the sudden loss of a musical icon. I don't disagree that it's a tremendous tragedy--especially for her daughter, family, and friends. I can't imagine how her loved ones are feeling.

However, a radio show got me thinking...

The DJ's were talking about how Whitney's untimely death has been in bright lights all over the media. It's understandable, considering she was a vocal icon.

But what about the men and women who throw themselves in front of terrorists to protect our country? What about the everyday heroes living right next door? Do we hear about them?

Occasionally, yes.

Most often you just see a snapshot of them on a grid with other fallen heroes on the nightly news.

Then that's it.

I don't want to take away Whitney's legacy, by any means.

But why the obsession?

In the past, she did a lot of humanitarian work--notoriously lending her voice to philanthropic galas and events. She has even created her own foundation for children who are sick and/or homeless--caring for and educating them. However, why are we holding her higher above our soldiers? Someone who has infamously abused drugs and alcohol for numerous years? I'm not trying to bash Whitney or down-play her tragedy--after all, I Will Always Love You is one of my all-time favorite songs...

But, it really irks me that people who are sacrificing their lives for others... people who cure illnesses... people who are completely selfless... are not getting the honor, recognition, or praise that they truly deserve.

Tell me, what is wrong with our society?

Does anyone else feel this way, too?


  1. I agree. If any other drug addict or alcoholic dies, nobody takes notice...but as soon as it's someone famous who dies from not taking care of themselves, it's a TRAGEDY.

    Do I think it's sad? Sure. But, thousands of people die or are hurt in other ways and nobody makes a big scene over them....

  2. I agree. Not to be mean, but I am so tired of hearing about Whitney. Or at least I'm tired of how the media just goes on and on about it. Yes, it's sad that she died because she was talented albeit she needed to clean up her behavior and drug use, but there are more important things out there that don't get enough credit.

  3. Amen, sister! I totally agree. And, I think it's kind of disgusting how highly our society thinks of music/movie/sports stars, AND how much they're paid. Crazy.


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