Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm Blank Because....

{FYI: This post was inspired by Ashley at Little Miss Momma.}

I'm weird because...
I break out into random dance.
I quote New Girl at least twice a week.
I love the smell of Emmy's tootsies. 
I have an obsession with clearing out Emmy's nose.
I love brushing my teeth.
My feet have to be covered when I sleep.
I don't like Oreos.
I watch Secret Life of the American Teenager.
I have a specific way I have to sleep with my pillows.
I'm obsessed with my poodle pup.
I don't mind getting shots or blood drawn.
If my hair is up, I have to have makeup on.
I've never eaten a Big Mac or Whopper. Never.

I'm a bad friend because...
I frequently forget to respond &/or hit 'send' to text messages.
I can't commit to plans.
I sometimes use my daughter as an escape-route.
I'm a good friend because...
I pray for my friends everyday.
I would drop anything for them or their offspring.
I send random "I miss you" text messages.
I always lend a listening ear.
I send birthday cards.
I send 'just because' cards.
I hold their hair back when they've had one too many.
I'm sad because...
I don't get to see people I love as often as I want.
I've lost touch with friends.
I threw out my high school journal.
I don't always finish what I start.
We'll be moving faaarr away from our family in less than a year.
I don't take enough pictures/videos of my family.

I'm happy because...
God has blessed me!
Emmy's hair is finally growing.
I get my yoga on.
My girl tells me she loves me.
I'm surrounded by people who care.
I see the greater good in things.
I'm a mommy.
We live close to both sets of parents.
I'm awesome because...
I'm ME.
I have a new-found outlook on life.
I go with the flow.
I'm a positive person.
I am capable of so much.

I'm excited for...
My little preschoolers' dance recital next month.
Family vacation.
Black tea in the mornings.
'Me' time in the mornings.
Morning wake-ups with my little bambino.
Wednesdays' back-to-back Pilates & yoga.
Couch cuddles with my hubby.

so what about you??



  1. you guys are the cutest, with the sweetest little family! i'm so glad to hear everything is going well.... miss E is just such a sweetheart, and SO smart!

  2. what a great little post! and i still can't believe you've never had an oreo before!!
    xo TJ

  3. You don't like Oreos?! ;) So addictive.

    That last photo is so sweet!


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