Saturday, December 21, 2013

On Turning 27

First of all, *27* is an odd number and I have a weird thing with odd numbers. They're just not as cool as even numbers. Don't ask.

But speaking of weird, I also have a weird thing with birthdays. I'm not a fan of celebrating my own. It's not that I mind getting a year older--because I don't. & hopefully by turning a year older the lady at the nail salon will quit asking me if I'm single because I look too young to be a mom. True story.

But I digress...

I absolutely l-o-v-e celebrating other people's birthdays! Just not mine. I really don't like the attention all on me. I get so uncomfortable. And then there's the whole cake thing. I don't like cake or cupcakes so what do I blow out the candles on? A cucumber?

Twenty-seven is so young, yet I have already done so much in my life: graduated college, been married 3 1/2 years, mommy to a daughter and another baby on the way, moved three times in my adult life...

Twenty-seven makes 17 seem like a lifetime ago! At seventeen, I was thinking about college, although secretly wanting to dance my life away on a cruise ship, while still semi-obsessed with a boyfriend who was totally and completely toxic. Thank goodness for college and finding The Man of My Dreams! For reals. When I think about turning thirty-seven in 10 years, I think about how I will be a mom to a full-fledged, crazy teenager (Lord, help me!) and a mom of a nearly ten year-old. I imagine Blake and I will be semi-settled in a city we love, although honestly, we probably still won't be home-owners since who knows where in the world the military will have taken us by then?!

Being twenty-six this past year has been jam-packed-full with all sorts of emotions. I was on such a high of excitement, with thoughts of moving out of my hometown. I was enthralled to move to a new city and time zone; make new friends and start a new life with my little family. Twenty-six brought the breathtaking news of adding to our family, but it also brought an almost complete meltdown. Twenty-six brought on the realization of ceasing to strive to be Super Wife and Super Mom, something I feel profoundly proud about now, as I see those older than me still struggling with this concept. A part of me wants to slap them upside the head and say, "Just say no! It's not worth it. You'll be a much better person if you say no and do less." The benefits will be so much richer and sweeter for you and your family. I think that's a pretty deep thing to discover at only twenty-six.

Now, I don't fight the fact that twenty-seven is quite young. After all, more of my friends are single than they are married, and only a few have started having children. But having a baby at twenty-three sky-rocketed me into adulthood a little sooner than most. I skipped the whole Getting Your Shit Together and Finding Yourself project, and jumped head-first into the role of Mommyhood, where, let's be honest, you quickly learn no one ever has their shit together. I saved myself a lot of trouble by learning that little secret.

I pray my twenty-seventh year will be one of peace. Or as much peace as a gal can have when having a second child. Okay, let's be real... this next year is going to be completely chaotic! But I think with everything I've learned while being twenty-six, I will be able to handle it with more knowledge, poise, and grace than ever before.

& just for fun, here are 27 Things I've Learned by 27: 

... just say no

... ask for help

... it's okay to put yourself in uncomfortable situations. the outcome is almost always worth it

... moving far away is thrilling

... moving far away is scary

... it's impossible to live happily in the past and the future. we only have here and now

... happiness is a choice, not a reward or privilege

... family is everything

... standing by what you believe and not stepping down is imperative, even if people don't understand it

... just because a friend is in a different "season of life" doesn't mean you can't still be friends

... 'say what you wanna say, and let the words fall out, honestly i wanna see you be brave'

... change is scary

... change is amazing

... thinking of '27 things i've learned' is tough!

... it's always more important to be grateful than to be anything else

... never forget to take care of yourself

... prime time comedy can cure almost any bad day

... letting go is hard, but the benefits can be so rewarding

... a messy house means a happy house, not a crazy one. okay, maybe a little crazy--but in a good way!

... bad memories from the past don't have to stay bad. you can learn from them and turn them into something positive

... doing nothing at times can be just what your body and mind needs

... nothing is every worth losing your cool over

... grace and tact can carry you a long way

... waking up before your child is a lifesaver

... hanging on to your muchness is crucial

... figuring out who you are is a journey that will last a lifetime

... 27 is not so odd after all

a new 27 year-old,

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  1. Happy birthday, Katie! Hope it is was a wonderful day. Miss you!

  2. Happy (belated) Birthday, Katie! I've been 27 for a few months and I can tell you I had the same concerns you had but I promise - it isn't so bad :)

  3. I have a thing for even numbers as well - I get it:)


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